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I'm currently experimenting with replacing our existing review system with upsource, however I'm running into a problem with Code Analysis.

Prior to install, we didn't have an intellij configuration in our repository, it was added so that we could take advantage of the Code Intelligence and inspections features, subsequently, every review since the configuration was added has hundreds of 'Fixes' generally related to unresolved methods / classes / behaviours etc, making it exceptionally difficult to work with.

Obviously, it's impractical for us to make a tiny change to thousands of files so that it correctly analyses the data between revisions, so my question is this, Is there any way to retroactively 'handle' these issues, or provide an implied .idea configuration which can be analysed against?


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Hi Craig,

Looks like this is a missing feature in the product. Could you please post a request in our tracker -

As for noise that current inspections currently produce, you might totally disable them by uncheking "Run Code inspections" checkbox in the project settings.




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