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Early on JIRA shipped with the ability to connect to CVS/SVN to provide a source tab on each issue that would show the source that changed for that issue (commit messages marked with the JIRA number).  This appears to be replaced with a Bitbucket plugin that performs the same task.

Are there any plans to provide a JIRA plugin that performs this task?


PS: We are in the process of evaluating Upsource and Bitbucket. It would really help if your team supplied more of a road map and future plans to help our decision. We would also welcome a regular EAP program such as the one we are accustomed to from TeamCity.


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Sorry for the delay. Have accidentally missed your post on the forum.

We have this functionality available for YouTrack, but Jira plugins are out of our scope, at least for the nearest future.

We have lots of different features panned in various directions.. What exact features would you like to see in the product? Or what are you currently missing?

Thanks in advance.




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