Confused by the IJ Upsource plugin

Hi everyone.  I'm in the process of evaluating Upsource and the IJ plugin; I love the integration with Upsource that the plugin provides, but I'm confused by how to leave a review comment.

When a reviewer gets notified of a new review, they can, in IJ, easily see the details of the review and the files associated with it.  From there they can view the file (Edit Source), and in the Editor pane for the file leave a comment (Upsource / Leave a Comment).  But the comment that is created is not associated with the review...  Instead it appears to be a general comment.

How can a reviewer create a review comment while viewing the source in IJ?

Likewise, if a reviewer adds comments to a file using the web interface to Upsource, how can they see those comments in the Editor pane (in IJ)?  The Editor pane only seems to show general comments..

I'm probably missing something really basic here...


Christopher Moran

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Hi Christopher,

While you try to leave a comment, is there a checkbox called "attach to the review..."?

Thanks for clarifying. 




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