perforce project with multiple paths

I'd like to have multple paths in my perforce based upsource setup.  I found the following link:

Which refers to:

3. Locate file `settings.json` in directory `<upsource_home>\data\vcs-settings\<name_of_project1>`.

As far as I can tell, this file (nor any settings.json file) doesn't exist in my Upsource installation.

Upsource Build 2.5.5074


Hi Brent,

This config is now obsolete (it worked only in Upsource 1.0).

Your version has a web UI for it. If you go to project settings and select "Project is hosted in multiple repositories", you will see "add repository" button.

That should help to configure multiply repo setup. 


I tried that setup and ended up with multiple copies of the same changelist visible, one for each folder.  What I'm really looking for is...

If the tree structure is as follows:






A single changelist might have files from all of these paths in it, but I can't use \\depot\tree\project\...; that's way too many files and too much data.  I'd really just like the files from both instances of text_data, but visible as a single change (since that's what they are).  I tried to do this with multiple workspace mappings, (as indicted by "Each workspace mapping must be placed on a separate line"), but I get the following error:

Test VCS connection failed.

Failed to parse perforce client mapping line: //depot/project/content/text_data/...


Is there any update for that?



Hi Alex,

No so far.. Are you looking for the same configuration?

Could you please make a screenshot of what you've pasted in workspace mapping and what error (if any) Upsource shows you?

Thank you.



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