Some questions from beginner

Hi guys!

I try to moving from Crucible in my team to UpSource and have some questions >_<

  • Can i transfer my review's from Crucible to UpSource? (for coverage and history)
  • How can i see indexing progress for my repo?
  • Will be UpSource plugins for different IDE/Editors, like Sublime or Emacs or else?
  • Where i can read about integration with task tracker? (we have our own realization)

And is UpSource fast?

I have SVN repo with 100k+ commits with many files, and Crucible dying for a week when somebody create branch from repo root directory >_<

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+ is "Build system" for "code intelligence features" support JavaScript analysis?

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Hi Alexander,

Answers are as follows:

  • Not yet, however we do plan to implement such import - Please upvote.
  • If on the admin page, mouse on a project icon and you will see how many revisions are already indexed.
  • Don't have such plans yet, but please feel free to create corresponding requests -
  • What exact info are you looking for? How to create integration with issue tracker X? Unfortunately we don't have any.. I would suggest using basic Issue Tracker integration (called External Links in the project settings) in your case. 

Well, Upsource performance definitely depends on the hardware installed on the server. E.g. Our minimum requirements for RAM are 8 GBs. But as usually much you have faster you get all revisions indexed. 

+ Yes, Upsource provides JavaScript analysis for IDEA, Gradle and Maven projects.

Hope it helps.

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Thank you Artem! :)

About indexing progress:

In "administration" page i see what branches was indexed (last VCS check) and how many checks for VCS completed.

But i want to see how long my repo will indexing for all history :)

I read forums and see "1 commit - 1-3 seconds", and for my repo it's about 3-4 days


Is it posible to see what % of all history is indexed and how many left? :)

About UpSource hardware, it's kinda 16VCPUs + 16RAM + 40HDD

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Hi Alex,

Oh, we do something like that for git repos:

But anyway cannot provide any estimates on when all commits get imported. You know 1 commit might be just a change of 1 line in a single file, while another has 100+ files with tons of changes. Of course import time would depend on this.

Yes "1 commit - 1-3 seconds" rule is still true for SVN repos. 

Your server hardware looks reasonable for Upsource needs and such type of repo.


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