Same author and reviewer collision with autoassign trigger

I have configured "autocreate reviews" trigger:

    - Commit author: All

    - other fields empty

And "autoassign participant" trigger:

    - Review type: Any

    - Created by: Upsource (created automatically)

    - Users: all users selected

    - How many to assign: 1 random user

    - Role: reviewer


How can I avoid situation, when autocreated review have "author=reviewer" collision?

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Hi Artem,

As mentioned in the YT issue, this bug is already fixed, please wait for the next product update.

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How did you assign the code review to a random user? I am looking for that in this SO question: I created a new request for this question:

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As mentioned in the support thread, here is a corresponding request  - to improve visibility of the feature. 


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