Upsource + composer.phar + Symfony 2


we've been doing code reviews manually in our company for months and now we've decided to use upsource. We develop code in PHP, Symfony 2 framework. The framework is massively dependent on composer to fetch all vendor libraries (required by the project, but not part of the project).

Currently we've configured Upsource to fetch one of our projects from the SVN. However it produces loads of false warnings that a namespace / class is not found.

Is there a way to make upsource run composer install on the code before running inspections? We wouldn't like the vendors dir to be commited to the SVN though...

Thanks in advance for your advice!


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Hi Artur,

We do plan to add this functionality in the nearest major product release - Upsource 3.5

Right now the only way is to commit everything to the repo :(

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Hi, that's good news you're going to add this functionality soon. Unfortunately we can't commit the vendors dir to the SVN repository, so we hope you release the next major version soon :)




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