More commit filters in custom workflow

Hi Upsource community,

I am currently trial running Upsource in our software project and would like to have more options in filtering commits to reduce the amount of (unnecessary) reviews.

Just to be clear, I'm talking about having more options so Upsource does not create a review, not talking about filtering the existing list of reviews.


Some stuff I was thinking about (do tell if this is already implemented):

- In the path wildcard you should also be able to do the inverse, i.e. exclude folders. We have a subfolder called test which should be excluded for example

- Filter on specific commit authors, e.g. 2 or 3 instead of all, no one or 1 person (like it is done in the "add the following reviewers")

- Filter on commit message, e.g. If we add a [NR] tag in the SVN commit message, Upsource does not automatically create a review for it


Other suggestions I was thinking about:

- Are there plans to implement priorities to reviews? E.g. a commit with test code is a lower priority to be reviewed than a code change to a critical function in the software

- Is there any integration options between Upsource and TeamForge Collabnet Trackers?


To overcome the filtering limitation we'd use the API to have a python script scrape all open reviews and check the commit message for the [NR] tag, but I think it should be a nice addition to the Upsource system rather than having to create a workaround for it.




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Hi Devon,

Thank you for trying Upsource and this valuable feedback.

We already have a request for exclude filters in custom workflows, please watch/upvote it here (added there your suggestions)

As for reviews priorities, just created a new feature request -

And the last one, TeamForge Collabnet Trackers. We don't have any foreseeable plans for it. Only YouTrack and Jira.

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Thanks for the swift reply.

Looking forward to the exclusion filters!


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