Is it possible to monitor Indexing? Cannot load file tree for RevisionId...

I added a project to Upsource with one subversion repository.

There are over 160,000 commits in this repository. I appreciate that indexing will take some time. I'd like to know if there is a way to monitor the progress of the indexing and have an idea of when it will be completed. Some features of Upsource appear to be working while others are failing I presume due to indexing being unfinished.


For example, whenever I click on a branch I get an error: "Cannot load file tree for RevisionId{}"

Are there any Upsource configuration options that would help with this initial indexing?


Hi Zachary,

Sorry for the delay.

Actually if you hover on the project icon on the administration page, you will see the progress (how much commits from a total number are already processed). And yes, for quite big repository as your it may take a while.

How long did it finally take to fetch and index your data?


I don't remember seeing a status (x of y commits), not can I tell you how long it took since. I don't really remember what I saw in that hover box but I don't remember seeing a line that indicated overall status. Mostly lists of branches it found and when it finished indexing a branch.

Currently that hover box is full of:


In Progress:

Check for VCS changes completed. No Changes detected. 


I didn't not catch when the hover box switch to this output from listing branches and batches of commits.

If you can tell me where to look in my logs I can let you know how long indexing took.



Hi Zachary,

I am afraid logs already got overwritten.

Anyway, such long indexing happens only once - on project creation or during restore from a backup. In other cases Upsource only fetches new commits added to the repo and it doesn't take too long.

Worth to mention that we continuously working on the product performance in each release.


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