Hub/Upsource problem - Wierd error when using hub auth to connect to corporate Github: hub-auth-failed: Already connected

So, I've hooked up Hub/Upsource to our corporate GitHub server - it's doing a great job for the code review.  But, when we try to connect with our GitHub (either via the web app, or in IDEA as part of leaving a code review comment), when we try to login to GitHub, we always get

OAuth 2.0 Error
Authentication failed. 

hub-auth-failed: Already connected

I've done all of what the instructions show for creating an application on our GitHub, using the ID and the secret, callback URL, etc.  That's all as is should be (I think).

How can we already be connected when we're just logging in?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Hi Douglas,

Sorry for the delay.

Could you please share Hub logs with me?


I think I've been able to figure out what's going on.

Our corporate Github server is locked down, and can't talk to the Upsource server I've got running on my desktop - they've blocked all outgoing traffic that's not in AWS.  Upsource can talk to Github and get all the source control info, but OAuth is blocked.

Possible solutions to this would be open up ports so it can talk to the local desktop server, or else move the Upsource server to AWS, where the ports are open to inter-server traffic. 

Unfortunately, they don't like to open ports, and they won't let us start any AWS servers outside of Chef-controlled pipeline deployments.

To resolve this, at home, I've created a personal AWS account, and installed Upsource there, then had it talk to one of my open source projects on public Github.  Everything worked flawlessly, so I know the procedure for the OAuth stuff is correct.  And the AWS time cost me about $0.60 - much cheaper and less frustration than either of the other approaches.

I have a meeting with our architects next week to explore next steps.


If you're still interested, I've got a zip file with the logs - what's the best way to share it - I don't see a way to attach it to this message


Hi Douglas,

Thank you for the update!

Since you've already found the root cause, Hub logs are no longer needed. 


I had the same issue, and rather than running my Upsource server on AWS I asked our dev ops team, and they generated a read only deploy key for the repo.

After that I was able to authenticate just fine using an ssh key.


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