Code Analysis of Large(5-10K lines) Files



We're having a problem that latest versions of Upsource (>3.0) would not do code analysis on large files.

We have a java code base with some files well in excess of 5K lines of code. I just downgraded to version 3.0 (Build 3.0.4237

and code analysis works on those large files. It does take some time, but that's not a problem. 

I'd rather wait a minute or so and actually have code analysis - than run without it...


Is there a setting in the new releases which I can change to allow Analyzer/PSI Service? to run on large files? Or is my only option to stick to 3.0?




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Actually, I've "figured it out"...

frontend.psi.filesize.limit - is the parameter which controls the limit. Bumped it up - all works fine now.

Would be good to have all those magic constants documented in one convenient, indexed location.

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Hi Vadim,

Some of the properties are worth hiding them because they can bring unexpected/harmful result if to use them in an inappropriate way. 

However, we have finally decided to share some of the Upsource properties in the public doc. It's available here -


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