Is it possible to create a branch review from a compare?

Maybe we do it wrong, but in my company we review the final code of a branch.

It's not that useful to review a file that has been modified at the beginning of the branch and maybe deleted at the end.

Thank you.


Hi Alberto,

Sorry for the delay.

Could you please clarify what Upsource version are you using? In the latest one, if you modify file first and then delete it (and both commits are added to the same review) file wouldn't be shown on the review page. You might see this file only if selecting particular commits in the commit graph on the review main page.


Hi Artem,

I'm using the version 3.0.

What I'm asking is that I would like to review the whole branch with develop or another brach, the deleted file in question will be visible, because it is the result of the difference between two branches.

I think upsource is a very powerful tool and combined with webstorm is amazing, but we can't use it because of that reason.


Hi Alberto,

Sorry, don't get your request/issue.. You say that it's not so useful to review files that were added - removed within the same branch. Also the topic of this thread is "..create a branch review from a compare". On the other side you say that "the deleted file in question will be visible, because it is the result of the difference between two branches.".

If the issue is that some files were added in the branch and them deleted in this branch, it has been fixed and should a part of latest product update. 



Hello Artem,

Apologies for intruding on your conversation. I work with Alberto and think I can clear the issue up.

Perhaps explaining our current review process will help.

Currently a developer will create a branch using git flow for a new feature. Once he is finished with the branch he will request a review. The reviewer will get the latest develop and latest version of the branch to be reviewed. He will merge develop into the feature branch if necessary. He will then perform a compare between the two branches using the webstorm functionality to do so.

In essence, only the final state of the feature branch matters. Any changes in the past commits of the feature branch only matter if they make it into the final state.

Our last attempt to use upsource for this purpose was showing internal changes of the branch which were not visible when we did the simple git compare between the two branches.

Is there a way to use upsource to get the desired result?


Hi Tim,

Thank you very much for the detailed description.

Actually it's how Upsource should work out of the box - provide a comparison of two branches in branch review (not changes in the branch). Why Upsource gave more changes than git compare is a thing for investigation.

Could you please provide some information about the changes that were shown in Upsource branch review and weren't shown in git diff? What are this files? Have they been also changed in develop branch after feature branch creation and before merging develop into feature branch?


Hi Artem,

Just to inform you, we figured out what was the problem: wrong default branch, it was set to master but we needed develop.

Anyway thanks a lot for your help!


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