Upsource merge review comments

Somehow one of our team added comments to a closed review.
1. How could that happen?

2. Is there a way to merge the closed review (unresolved) review comments into the current review?



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Hi James,

Sorry fort he delay.

1. Yes, Upsource doesn't have any limitations for new comments in closed reviews. Would you expect any?

2. Unfortunately no. Why wouldn't you reopen a closed review and continue with it, instead of creating a new one?

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One example, where we really really want to "merge" reviews - is a rebranching.

We use SVN and when required, rebranch from the trunk and merge previous branch changes into the new one.

i.e.  we do not use forward merge.


This means that original review from Upsource is no longer useful. And we have to start a new one.

It's the same changeset, simply rebranched from trunk to pickup latest changes.

If review merging was supported - it would be quite helpful. However, I do see some potential challenges there.. Anyway, that's my 2c.


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