Force Reload git project

All of the sudden both of our Git projects stopped retrieving new commits today. Looking at the logs I found the following 2 lines repeated often:

[2016-07-12 13:19:20,742] INFO          VcsService-4       trebuchet ce.LoggingFetchServiceCallback - Fetching trebuchet: Loading commits graph...
[2016-07-12 13:19:20,742] INFO          VcsService-4       trebuchet ntal.CachingCommitGraphFactory - Force reload is required for trebuchet:trebuchet


I'm taking this to mean that something has been corrupted and the repo needs to be fully reloaded. So 2 questions:

#1 - how to do a Force reload.

#2 - am I going to lose all my existing reviews tied to branches?


Hi John,

Yes, if you reset a project review data will be lost.. Do you have an opportunity to take an Upsource backup as described on the following page:


Hi Artem,

I can definitely still make a backup but does that mean I'll be back in the same state with I restore it? 

Also - to Force Reload does that mean I need to actually delete the project in Upsource and then recreate it? Are there any gotchas to ensure I can restore the backup made?





Hi John,

Actually backup doesn't contain repository contents, only project/user settings, reviews, permissions. Repository data will be fetched from scratch.

>>>Are there any gotchas to ensure I can restore the backup made?

From the error you pasted, looks like vcs content structure inside Upsource DB got corrupted. Since backup doesn't touch this data, restore process should be successfully completed. 


Thanks Artem,

I deleted the project and then put the backup into place. That seemed to fix it although it chewed up a ton of memory in the process of reindexing the git repo. 



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