Up Source workflow question

I am trying to see what is the best workflow for code review using upsource. 

1. Given a file name is their an easy way to find out which commit had the last code review. 

2. If I want to get a list of files that has been passed code review and their commit numbers , can i get it using the API ?



Just to follow up on this. Here is the use case I am trying to address "I like to get all the files that have passed code review and the revision number" , this way we are sure that we are only deploying files that have been looked at. 




Hi Jay,

Sorry for the delay.

1. You might check that on the History tab in the file view. There will be a list of revisions where file has been changed and reviews assigned to this revisions (if there any)

2. You deploy some code from a certain revision.. So what of you check if the revision has a review and if the review was accepted? Will it work for you?


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