Create review by comparing two specific branches?

Hi, I am using BitBucket to host Mercurial repos, and I noticed that Upsource does not support BitBucket pull requests for Mercurial (it's only in the Git settings).

I am experimenting with Upsource, and assumed it would be really simple to do a code review based on the diff between two named branches. For simplicity, assume we have an individual feature branch merging into a branch which has all the features in this sprint merged into it.

I can compare the branches fine, but can't see how to create a review from that.

And if I go into the branches and start a review from there, it automatically goes against default and doesn't seem to allow a way to change the target branch.

This feels like a really basic thing to want to do, so I'm hoping I'm missing something - can someone please let me know how to get a review by selecting both the source and the target?

Thanks a lot


Hey Iain,

You would probably want to clean a default branch field on the project administration page (advanced tab). Once it's empty, Upsource will add to the review only unique revisions for the given branch.  


Hi Artem, thanks for your quick reply.

If I empty the Default Branch field, how will that deal with commits that have been merged in, either into my branch I'm reviewing, or the target branch, or both?

It's really the diff between the branches that I want to review, rather than unique commits, as some commit changes could be in both branches, or have had the same part of code changed in two different ways.



Hi Iain,

If you empty the field, those commits won't be included in the branch review. It's a known Upsource limitation, which is not yet addressed, unfortunately.

We have a long playing request for this - Please upvote it when/if you have a chance.


Hi Artem, thanks for the reply. I have upvoted that item. It would make a real difference to us to get this working.

When you say 'those commits won't be included in the branch review', which commits did you mean? Will commits which have been merged into this branch from somewhere else show or not in the branch review?


Yes, I meant those commits that are not unique for the branch.


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