Enforce upsource review before merging to master



We would like to enforce code review before merging feature branch to master (using upsource and not github).

Is there any way to do that with upsource plugin?





What do you exactly mean by "enforce"? Prohibit merging if there is no review or review is not accepted? 

We usually recommend trying another approach for such cases - configure automatic branch review creation using Upsource workflows - https://www.jetbrains.com/help/upsource/2017.3/custom-workflows.html


Yes, prohibit merging if no review accepted is exactly what i mean


That's, as you see, not currently possible, for a simple reason, Upsource only reads data from repo, but doesn't write or inject into the VCS.


I was looking into this as well. If you are trying to prevent merging from within Github then i think the only option right now is to write a custom status check for upsource and hook that in directly to the Github status API.


If we decide to move forward with upsource we will probably be looking into doing that and open sourcing it.


Hi Scott,


Thanks for your response.

You mean push success status only when a commit is reviewed and in github protect the master branch - check statuses and merge only success ones?

But when are you going to push the status to github? extend upsource plugin and push it when a review is accepted?




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