Upsource Connection Refused. Error during initialisation of project

Hi all,

I was trying to setup an upsource server for our project. I used docker to install it on an ubuntu vm. 

Upsource was installed quickly, but when I started to create a project it got stuck in initialising the project. 

I read that this could take a while so I let it initialise for the whole weekend. However today it still was initialising. So I checked the logs and realised that there were some problems. You can find the log here: 

Has anyone any idea what to do? I already upgraded the upsource and cassandra heap space and asked our IT support to upgrade the VM to 8gb of RAM. 

Seems like some connection got refused, probably to the database, but I have no idea why this happens at all. 

I tried this again yesterday and got the same issue:


Any ideas? Thanks

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Hi Mzobus,


I am currently facing the same issue. Have you maybe found a solution in the meantime?


Kind Regards,



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