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We are currently using Upsource 2017.2.2398.

If we have a code review tracking a branch, is it possible to rename the branch and keep current comments? It seems that when we try this the review becomes detached - attached to the now-nonexistent branch and no longer useful.

Our use case is that we have some people who would like to keep branches after they have been merged. If we did that, one alternative would be to rename them so they were easy to filter out with other tools, while keeping access to potentially useful code review comments.



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This is more a git issue... A branch points to a commit.  A commit points to one or two previous commits.  Once you've merged, the branch does not know which fork to trace back on.  adding a git tag to the commit that was on the branch will allow you to manually track which branch it was on. 

I am coming to the conclusion that Upsource over git is most effectively done having a feature branch and a review branch.  The review branch is periodically updated with review worthy code.


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