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I am new to Upsource and code reviewing practices and want to seek for some guidelines for conducting code review. I am right now in the middle of a project having a development team which has already developed a large set of code. We have discovered that we have some problems with the code that access the database and we want to fix and revise them. Before we start to do so, we want to do a complete review on all the existing code and create comments and recommendations on how to change the code in each place where we think it might have problems.  

The documentation of Upsource seems to focus on the workflows for incremental changes to the code, like reviewing commits, pull requests, feature branches, etc. But, what if we are in the middle of project and want to introduce a code reviewing tool for reviewing all the existing code first before we start the incremental reviewing process. 

How can we set up a workflow with Upsource to do this initial code review?


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Not sure if this answers your issue, but I had 50+ commits/check-ins since project start and wanted to review all as a single commit.  My work around was to create a separate review-branch which started at project start.  Onto this branch I pulled/checkout the final state of all files.  I committed/checked-in these, onto my review-branch.  In Upsource, I only had to create a review on this review-branch commit/check-in to pick up all changes for the review.


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