Unable to resolve discussion in my review


what are the rules for marking a discussion as "resolved"? I've created review and invited colleague for reviewing it. He had posted few comments, I've commited new changes. Now I would like to mark discussions as resolved, but the button is not showing. Nothing changed, when the review was marked as "Raised concern".

In other reviews, where I am the reviewer, I'm normally able mark my comments as rosolved. 

Can only the author of comment mark the disscussion as "resolved"? In older version of Upsource I was used to mark comments as resolved and who was the author of it hadn't mattered.




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Similar problem with IDEA Upsource Plugin:

The button 'Resolve' is active, but user in Role Developer gets error message: no permission.
Only the author and project admins seem to have the permission to resolve a discussion.

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Just solved the problem:
It's an advanced project setting:


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