Change the build.gradle do not affect Code Intelligence

I using Upsource Build 2017.3.2888, running in a docker container, using JetBrains provided image

I properly configured my project, and my team has been doing code reviews for a few days now. However, I have not been able to make Code Intelligence work for us.

I have literally three days, without rest, trying to figure out why Code Intelligence does not work for me. Our projects are in Java and we use Gradle. So I configured code intelligence in the project page to be enabled and to use gradle.

Since it didn't work. I followed the recommendations on the help page about this topic and I generated the gradle.out file.

By reading that file I found I had a certificate issue, because my build.gradle accesses a few files under an HTTPS server. So, I had upload a new cacerts file to the docker container and configure it in the project docker properties (Something worth considering for the developers of Upsource, since there is no simple way to do that).

Now, after that, the problem with the certificate got solved, but still Code Intelligence didn't work. So, I checked the gradle.out file once more. This time I discovered that I had a Artifactory repository wrongfully configured. I did the changes to my build file and resubmitted my code to the git repository, but Code Intelligence continued to fail.

Puzzled, I checked the gradle.out file once more. Reading the log I could see what was the build.gradle file being used by Upsource, and discovered that there is a snapshot of my build file under data/upsource-frontend/temp/projects/my-project/gradle-support/snapshot/build.gradle

Interestingly, the version of the build.gradle file is the original version with the error, not the one that I fixed. And it doesn't matter that I modify my build.gradle and publish the code again to the repository, because the snapshot is still based on the original wrong file.

In a desperate attempt to make it work, I decided to modify the snapshot file build file in Upsource, however, it seems that after I have modified it, Upsource recovers the original snapshot (still with the wrong file) and substitutes my changes in the build.gradle. 

So, I simply cannot fix the problem with the build.

The problem is that Code Intelligence does not work, I know why, because there is a bug in my build.gradle, but it doesn't matter that I fix the problem, because the snapshot taken by Upsource does not seem to update and reflect my changes.

Any suggestions on what else could I do to make this work? What am I doing wrong?



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