Get upsource running ant target on ubuntu + docker-compose

Hey guys,

I setup upsource, and I've got a couple of code-analysis errors:

Note that:

- `OPYLParser` is an ANTLR generated source file. We generate this class by running `ant generate.source`

- this is running on an ubuntu machine through docker-compose.


Now I'm pretty sure I can `docker exec jetbrains/upsource ant generate.source` to run `ant generate.source` in the container, to remove this problem for now (comment forthcoming), but this likely isn't the best solution.


Does anybody know how I can direct upsource to run `ant generate.source` as part of its build process appropriately?

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And actually, while I thought that it found its jdk and libraries, upsource, hasn't. So in addition to running code-gen, upsource cant find the copy of `guice.jar` sitting in /lib and pointed to by the `.idea` settings. >:(


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