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We've recently switched from Upsource 2.5 (I know, thats like ages old) to 2018.1. One thing we are currently struggling with is the branch tracking feature.

We are (usually) using subversion repositories without any branches (no branches defined, and no default branch selected in project settings). This worked fine before, but now it is constantly giving messages like these on top of existing and new reviews:

"Review contains commits from the default branch. Would you like to add current and future commits automatically? Start branch tracking"

Doing this on the default branch is neither desirable (especially with several thousands of commits in the history), nor should it be possible according to the documentation: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/upsource/2018.1/review-branches.html Is it possible to disable this behavior?

Also in the rare cases where we do have branches, those are usually not feature-branches but fully fletched product line branches. In those cases the branch tracking information is also highly irritating and error prone. Can we get rid of those too? Ideally on a per-project basis?

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Same request here. We have sometimuses users clicking that link accidentally which has disastrous consequences.


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