Tracking a single branch from a repo containing multiple

Hi ! 

i'm a new user testing out your product. I came across an Issue that can't prevent my organisation to use your software.


When I create a project and choose a default branch on the Repository, it shows me ALL the commits from all the branches in the project view (where I see all the commits for the given project)

to isolate the branch im looking for I have to enter everytime e.g. branch: {11.1.1}

we use the same tag under various branches to refer to an Issue ID e.g. Task 111333 : Format date/time in the package-edition view.

this same message maybe located under 2-3 branches or more. So when I make a search for the task #111333 it appears 2-3+ commits but on all branches.

is there a way to see only the commits of a default branch ? (I may or may not reviewing the commits on all branches, and I need to see only one branch at the time)

must I do several project for all the version ? (I tried, I made a projet 11 and project 12.0 both project have a different default branch, both project show me the exact same commit list)

thank you very much 

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