How to let reviewers see a "squashed" view?

My workflow subscribes to the "push early, push often" philosophy and thus my feature branch is usually strewn with WIP commits.

If I'm to create an Upsource review of the feature branch, how can I let the reviewers see an overall, squashed changes between the latest commit and the initial branch point, so it looks like a review of a pull request?

i.e. is there a way such that the reviewers do not see the changes among the WIP commits?


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Not sure if this answers your issue, but I had 50+ commits/check-ins since project start and wanted to review all as a single commit.  My work around was to create a separate review-branch which started at project start.  Onto this branch I pulled/checkout the final state of all files.  I committed/checked-in these, onto my review-branch.  In Upsource, I only had to create a review on this review-branch commit/check-in to pick up all changes for the review.


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