Have multiple reviews grouped by Issue Id when PR branch is created upon Pull Request

We are experimenting with the workflow where a branch review gets created when a Pull Request is made in GitHub (well, it's actually a Merge Request in GitLab in our case, but let's stick with GitHub's semantics, as done in Upsource).

In the scope of one pull request, we may have commits that refer to more than one Issue ID:




|     o   -    ABC-2 : commit #3

|     |

|     o   -    ABC-2 : commit #2

|     |

|     o   -    ABC-1 : commit #1

|   /



Currently, when the PR branch review is created, all commits are grouped under a single review, no matter the Issue Id in the commit message. 

(so in the example above, CR-1 will be created for all 3 commits)


Is there a way to configure the custom workflow so that code reviews under a PR Branch are grouped by Issue Id, just like they can be were created through the regular review workflow?

(in the example above, CR-1 would be created for commit 1 and CR-2 would be created for commits 2-3)

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