Trigger Teamcity Build if a Review will be closed

Hi there,


is there a way to trigger a Teamcity build from upsource if a review will be closed??

I know i can trigger a build in Teamcity with a POST requets to  http://USER:PW@TC_URL/httpAuth/action.html?add2Queue=BUILD_ID

But it is not possible to trigger the build via the upsource webhook, because the USER:PW is not set to an auth header.





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i have only one workaround for my problem

because of the CSRF check from Teamcity you need an additional header to the Webhook request {X-Requested-Header: XMLHttpRequest}


So you can send the Webhook to another Server, modify the Headers and send the request to Teamcity

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Thanks for the response.

What an overkill for something that looks like a very common use case. Though that Upsource and TC would be easier to integrate....

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i guess not

also the rest apis are completely different


if i find a more common way, i will let you know this


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