Can get link to list of reviews?

Hi all,

I am able to go to Upsource and get list of reviews. I am also able to do some filtering, e.g. get only open reviews and so on. See screen below

But when I want to share link with my current filter params with someone else, i cannot do it. There are no query params for filtering in URL. I guess Upsource make some Ajax call to get list of reviews based on filters I fill. I am able to do similar thing in Youtrack by providing q query parameter with url encoded string for filtering. I am wondering if there is similar feature in Upsource as well.



Hello Jan,

Sorry, Upsource doesn't have this feature at the moment.


Hi, thank you for your comment. Is there any chance it will be implemented in future? Or is there any open issue, where I can vote for this?


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