Upsource Cannot Connect to External Hub

We have had an installation of Hub, Upsource, YouTrack and TeamCity set up for a while now via HTTP and are trying to upgrade the apps and upgrade to HTTPS at the same time.  

Our first task was getting Hub updated and converted to HTTPS, which we have.  It resides on port 443 on our server.  

We are having no issues getting to Hub via HTTPS.

Next we started the upgrade for Upsource.  Using the same keystore file and alias, and then instructing Upsource to use the external hub url that we established before... it will not let us complete the upgrade.  We're getting  Can't connect to Hub: Cannot build trusted certificates chain showing up next to the External Hub Url textbox on the upgrade form.  

The server itself is on a domain that has a root certificate as well.  We have imported the server's key-pair and the root certificate into the keystore.  We have also imported those as trusted SSL certificates into our Hub installation.

Still nothing.  Can't get past this and there are no log files that I can find that help us determine what is going on. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hello Jenna, I did the same, and after having added the self-signed certificate of youtrack / upsource in the Hub keystore I simply restarted Hub and that error you mention was gone.

You didn't mention restarting Hub, that is the only thing that comes to mind.



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