Git ssh key unknow host

Hi Guys,


I am trying to connect upsoruce project to a google cloud repository using ssh authentication, I prepared the ssh keys and followed the instructions in google cloud to register the key however when I try to complete the settings in upsource it fails with the below error

VCS connection test failed:

List remote refs failed: org.eclipse.jgit.errors.TransportException:  Unknown host


I m using Gigt with generic provider and the ssh//… connection string and my private key but it still fails.


any thoughts how we can get this to work? does it even work ?

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"Unknown host"


seems to be clear why it is not working

have you tried to clone the repo manually first?

git clone ssh://git@YOUR_HOST_URL/PROJECT_NAME[.git]


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Yes the URL works directly using git command but not using upsource page, it seems it needs to verify the host in some way as the URL is for sure valid, can be resolved and can be accessed.


any thoughts?

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Are both systems in the same Network?

If not - maybe some Firewall issues

if yes

You can try following.
create a Projekt on Github (ore somewhere else) and set these settings in upsource.
if this works, maybe some settings in the google cloud repo?


I cant find anything in the jetbrain docs for this. "Unknown host" is only a return text from the server backend, so it could be anything

The jetbrain team is not answering questions in the forum. You can create an Issue Ticket. Then you will get an answer in a few days


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