Gitlab synchronization troubles


I've just set up a brand-new on-premises Gitlab CE 11.8.1 instance (docker project), and alongside an Upsource 2018.2.1154 instance (docker project as well). After a lot of fiddling, I've got everything connected; synchronisation between IDEA Ultimate and Upsource works flawlessly. But, for crying out loud, I cannot manage to get any discussions created in Upsource to show up in Gitlab's merge request.

  • Both check boxes are ticked: `Import merge requests as branches` and `Synchronize comments and merge requests`
  • Synchronization token is configured and working
  • Gitlab Merge requests are displayed in Upsource as branches `PR 1` to `PR 4`
  • Upsource user is logged in to Gitlab

I also cannot see any `Merge` button on the branch page (as suggested in

Any suggestion what might be amiss?

Best regards, Willy

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I have the same problem.


I can list all the merge request from GitLab in Intellij Idea configured with UpSource.


If I leave a comment from Intellij Idea, the comment is posted and visible in Merge Request in UpSource but not in GitLab.


If I leave a comment in GitLab, I can see the comment in Intellij Idea in the UpSource window in the tab "Discussion" but the comment is not linked to the line of code in concerned class.


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I'm doing a spike on upsource to decide if I should recommend my company to purchase it, but for us the GitLab integration is mandatory, as we want to still support MRs at GitLab for the users that prefer it. It has no sense if the comments cannot be synchronized in both directions


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