HG Mercurial is still unoperable with recent version. Can we obtain an update on the newest version support ?

this issue is logged since several months, but its dead silence now.

"hg extension "loadsubstatescommandpy" loading error while a mercurial repository project initializes"

I read the latest release notes and it also lack of information on this topic.

the issue is still there, and we can roll update on any clients. We lacking of update of both products and I simply ask on a update of status. But I wasn't able to obtain it.

can someone help us to get the information on the latest version of HG tortoise support with Upsource ? We also stopped update on Upsource since it caused instability.

currently using : Build 2018.1.539 with HG version 4.5 but the version 4.9 is available.

please help !

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Here we are having the same problem... Various files showing errors like that:

Internal error: Failed to build diff between somefile.scss (668cc31fc89e) and somefile.scss (94ed04b3c52e)

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