Generated review compares to the "parent" branch, not to the default.

Here is my use case:

  •  I create a private branch from master for feature development, ex. private/feature1Devel
  •  When development is done I would like to push changes into another branch ex. review/feature1
  •  pushing into review/* triggers some stuff like: build & ut on TeamCity, creates a branch review for branch review/feature1 
  •  Issues get resolved on the private branch and when the work is done I'm pushing to review/feature1 for another iteration of review, the review is beeing updated, the ut get triggered and so on....

In general I want to track the activity on the review/* branches and not on the private/* ones
The issue is that the review is beeing generated for review/feature1...private/feature1Devel and not for review/feature1...master
Where master is set as the default branch.

This results also in:
"A branch review cannot be created because it has no unique revisions." in the branch view in Upsource.

And I need to make a dummy commit just to enable branch review.

When I take a look on the branch in "project > Branches > review/feature1", everything looks fine: Commits, Files, Merge preview, everything compared to master, but as stated above the review gets generated (if it can be generated at all) for review/feature1...private/feature1Devel.

It can be worked around by manually adding revisions but this is not what I am looking for.

Am I missing something or do I need to wait for

I'm using Upsource Build 2018.1.584


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