YouTrack -> UpSource link working, but UpSource -> YouTrack apparently failing

We have recently migrated from an InCloud YouTrack instance to an on-premises solution. We are now running both YouTrack and UpSource with an external Hub on a machine running Ubuntu 18.04.

  • YouTrack 2019.2 build 55688 Fri, Aug 9, 2019, 6:37:22 AM UTC
  • UpSource 2019.1.1460
  • Hub 2019.1.11648 [29-07-2019 21:10] ZIP Installation

Each of these is positioned behind nginx running as a reverse proxy.

After importing our InCloud data to the new YouTrack instance we migrated to an external Hub. We then created an UpSource project by connecting to GitHub, and finally merged the projects in Hub.

Hub shows all services functioning apparently correctly

In YouTrack, Hub integration appears to be working as expected

YouTrack appears to be linking correctly to UpSource, eg. via an issue ticket:

However, UpSource does not seem to be linking back to YouTrack correctly. For example, in an UpSource view of a commit we do not see links back to YouTrack tickets:

This may be because UpSource is somehow not properly set to integrate. For example, on the Integration tab in the UpSource project administration there is a section for linking to an issue tracker — but YouTrack does not appear:


Has anyone encountered a similar issue? What should be our first steps to debug this?

Thanks for your help

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