Gitlab integration: Gitlab MR not accepted after I accept the code review that was automatically created from that MR

Hi, we use Gitlab and we're evaluating Upsource for doing code reviews. We have Gitlab integration enabled. The code reviews are automatically created from Gitlab merge requests, the comments are synchronized between GL and US as well (together with resolution status), but once anyone accepts a code review in Upsource, the associated merge request isn't automatically approved on their behalf. We need to go back to Gitlab and approve there as well, which is bugging us. Is this expected behavior and if not, how can we fix this?

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Hi Vojtech,

Did you find any solution to the issue?

I have noticed the same thing. All seems to be working fine but the approves are not synchronised

It is sadly a major dealbreaker :(





I'm using the 2020.1.1802 version of single docker image build.



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Hello Jakub, JetBrains confirmed this issue and they created a ticket that's still open:


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