New Upsource implementation / performance

Hi All,

We're currently trialing the use of Upsource as our code review platform on top of our existing subversion repositories, the project has 12 SVN repositories the largest with 90,000+ revisions.

So far the experience has been excellent, though it seems at times indexing revisions is a bit slow ( takes up to 15 minutes ), I've decreased the check interval to 180 seconds and have increased Xmx and MaxMetaspaceSize in upsource-frontend.jvmoptions and casandra.jvmoptions, but I can't say I'm sure if this is the correct place on a windows installation.


I guess I'm looking for advice or tips to get the best out of the performance for Upsource. Though I'm not sure how relevant it is, I've also noticed quite a large directory of commitLog files ( 33.6 MB each ) and this error "Cassandra server running in degraded mode. Is swap disabled? : false, Address space adequate? : true, nofile limit adequate? : true, nproc limit adequate? : true " in upsource-stdout.log



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