Project Import failed

I have installed mercurial and created a repository. I am trying to create a project in upsource and trying to add that repository in my local machine, but I getting an error as under. I have specified repository url as "http://localhost:8000/"  from tortoise hg. On testing connection, the connection is successful but not able to import project in upsource. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Check for VCS changes completed with errors. jetbrains.vcs.server.api.VcsServiceException: Failed to complete an action for test-project-1:. Failed to collect current revision for test-project-1:. 'hg --config ui.interactive=False pull --config extensions.progress= --config "progress.format=topic number" --config progress.delay=0 --config progress.assume-tty=True http://localhost:8000/' command failed. stderr: files 1/65 files 2/65 files 8/65 files 13/65 files 17/65 files 23/65 files 28/65 files 32/65 transaction abort! rollback completed abort: C:\Users\xyz\Downloads\upsource-2020.1.1802\temp\upsource-frontend\vcs-service\caches\plugins\mercurial\hg_5025805362351731408\.hg/store\dh/calculat/~2eidea/librarie/maven__org_eclipse_jetty_websocket_websocket_api_e2bd3b4b9ee0772f52f83fcd9e775a93a63c4e1b.i: The system cannot find the path specified


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