Upsource Code Intelligence crashing during conversion of Gradle Project to IDEA Model

After importing a gradle based project into Upsource, and enabling its code inspections, the PsiIndexer crashes during model conversion.

The following error occures:

I attempted to find the gradle.out as per instructions via:
However for one of my two project the resulting zip-file did not contain the requested entries (only containing the .idea directory already present in the VCS, with the inspection profile) and for the second project returning a 404 (this second project does not contain the idea directory in its VCS)

The relevant projects:

Anything we can do to fix this?


After installing the freetype library using sudo apt-get install -y libfreetype6-dev into the container the exception has changed.

The exception now got updated to:

It looks like it is looking for the java version to import with.

Is there something I can update inside the container or the gradle project to not trigger this?


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